The history of one of the oldest Italian pasta maker companies coincides with the history of the Paone family.

All begun in 1878 in the city of Formia, overlooking the splendid golf of Gaeta.

Domenico Paone (Formia 1858 – Formia 1943) has been for sure the most capable business owner of Formia in the last 150 years. He was born from Erasmo and Francesca Purificato Barely twenty years old, in 1878 and with a partner, begun producing bread and pasta in an area called Castellone (Formia). At the beginning there were 3 additional workers using a steam mill. It is possible that this business owner’s concept was born after discovering the district of Gragnano and/or meeting some other pasta makers and/or even from his own partner. It was an intuition of a smart business man, in a period and in an area were the prevailing and most rooted activities were all directed toward the naval sector, and the production of building and bricks. After less than 20 years, and precisely in 1897, the factory was transferred in the area of Mola, now called Risorgimento Plaza, known for its many rich water sources. New machineries were installed and the new factory, consisting of over 3000 mq covered and 2000 mq uncovered space, could use a 165 mt long pier equipped with double binary. In 1918 a fire, probably of malicious nature, destroyed almost entirely the factory already capable of producing 500 quintals of flour and 80 quintals of pasta per day. However, the factory was rebuilt in a short time due to the tenacity of our Domenico Paone. Originally the process of drying the pasta was done taking advantage of the sunny days and the gentle ocean breezes, and using drying racks placed in the terrace of the factory. Domenico Paone was the owner of three ships transporting wheat by sea from Naples to the factory in Formia for the wheat arriving in Naples from Russia.

The 24th of June 1928 in the presence of Pietro Fedele, Culture minister from Minturno, an Monsignor Dionigi Casaroli, bishop of Gaeta, a monument was inaugurated, monument that you can still see today at Largo Paone, in honor of Domenico Paone, who, at his own expenses, paid for rebuilding of the beach area and the adjoining street ruined by a large and unusual sea storm. That was the birth of Largo Paone, that beautiful

Rotunda shown on prewar postcard. On the monument you can read “Domenicus Paone Domo Formia” taken from the latin language

In 1930 Domenico Paone was named Man of the Year with a Royal decree dated 12/15/1930.

On 9/10/1943 a huge bombing in the area (Risorgimento Plaza) destroyed the factory completely This was too much to take thus Domenico Paone died eight days after on 9/18/1943.

His heirs quickly rebuilt the factory.

The Paone factory is the oldest company in the province of Latina (then registered in the courthouse as No. 95), and for four generation its providing opportunity for employment to thousands of workers during its lifetime, beside additional related jobs

On 1/1/2011 the factory was moved from the old place, in downtown area, to the new site in the industrial area of Penitro of Formia.